Buyers Home Inspections

  • Resale
  • New construction

1) Site and rough in
2) Pre drywall
3) Final walk through

  • One year warranty inspections
  • Contractor re- inpections
  • Winterizing

Sellers Home Inspections

  • Industry Standard Reports
  • Contractor advice

Certified Environmental LabTesting

  • Radon
  • Mold pre screen
  • Water
  • Toxic gas


Phase 1 Environmental Assessments
ASTM E 1527 05


  • Single issues
  • Contractor warranty issues
  • Estate concerns

3 phase new construction
College Park
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Customized digital report with photos available on line same day. 
Thermal Infrared Scanning with digital readout accuracy.

200 unit apartment complex
Union City
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Historic Craftsman style
Atlanta West End